Monique Bartkowiak


7 June 2017

I’ve JUST launched my shiny new Pledgemusic campaign, to run pre-orders for my upcoming EP. We’ve got until August to reach the target, but if you’re thinking of pledging, then go for it now! The more early traction it gets, the more potential it has to reach a wider audience, which is a really exciting prospect.

Here’s the full blurb for the project:

It’s time! After all these years of songwriting in a duo or a band, I’m releasing a collection of solo songs, crystallised into their purest form: just cello and voice. Believe me, I want to go all out…add a choir, a huge cello orchestra, banjo, marimba, nyckelharpa, you name it. But there’s beauty in simplicity, and I’m really proud of having crafted these songs using an instrument that technically can’t bow more than two notes at a time. This is a really special release for me, and I hope you’ll join me in making it happen!

I’m partnering with Pledgemusic to make the pre-order process more customisable, intimate and exciting. Pledgers will be the first to see the two live studio videos that will be released in the coming months. You’ll have access to the digital download as soon as it’s available, and I’ll keep you updated throughout the production process. Brisbane-based Pledgers will be able to access tickets to a private, more intimate EP launch in August. Plus some other neat/wacky options, from cello lessons to a mountain-top sunrise concert.

So get on board, pre-order the EP and spread the word around!


31 May 2017

I’m taking my cello on another adventure! Going back to some of my favourite places in the USA: Boston, Miles of Music camp and Yosemite National Park…plus some new places! Sierra Scottish Fiddle Camp and Shasta Music Summit.

I’ve been working really hard this year, teaching, performing and planning an EP. So I’m pretty darn excited to spend a month and a half just learning music! Especially being in all these beautiful natural places.

4th May, 2017

May the fourth be with you!
And in completely unrelated news, I’m in the running for a People’s Choice award as part of the QUBE Effect! It’s a Brisbane City Council initiative for emerging Brisbane artists. We each film a music video, then the public votes for their favourite. If you have roughly 20 seconds to spare, give me a hand by heading to the voting page and clicking vote on my video! Voting closes on the 8th May.

Here’s the video itself:

You might be wondering why there is a blond ninja sneaking around on the ground… WELL! That’s my sister, Ingrid Bartkowiak, who is a brilliant visual artist. She designed the clock/solar system floor that I’m sitting on. Throughout the video, she’s actually adding stars to fill the solar system out, moving in a clockwise direction in time with the music. This concept wasn’t quite realised in the filming of the video, which we didn’t have control over – you have to use your imagination a little 🙂

So please, help out if you can! The People’s Choice award would be extremely helpful at this point in my career. Thank you!

27th April, 2017

I had the pleasure of playing cello on this gorgeous track by Georgia Rose. She had the whole process filmed, and the video is quite stunning! Check it out…

September 2016

I’ve just come out of a whirlwind of experiences! The last four months have been jam packed with enough inspiration, emotion and music to last a life time. From teaching & performing in Afghanistan, to attending fiddle/songwriting/world music camps back-to-back in America, to teaching at the wild & brilliant Stringmania camp in Australia…I’m finally back home. Looking forwards, I’ve got Dorrigo Folk Festival coming up, a collaboration concert with Indian musicians & dancers, Woodford Folk Festival, teaching at Sunshine Fiddle Camp, teaching at the Young Music Society Summer camp and playing at the Murray River International Music Festival.

Afghanistan National Institute of Music residency

USA Professional Development Trip

I spent three months in America, attending fiddle, songwriting and world music camps, networking and getting lessons from Silk Road Ensemble cellist Mike Block. The camps were:
Miles of Music (New Hampshire)
Global Musician Workshop (Indiana)
Mike Block String Camp (Florida)
Creative Cello Workshop (Vermont)
Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle Camp (California)

USA National Parks trip

Back home: Stringmania, hike’n’jams


Monique Bartkowiak is a Brisbane-based cellist, classically trained through the Queensland Conservatorium but with a huge interest in folk music and contemporary genres. Her last project, Rhiannon & Monique, was an award-winning folk duo, which has since expanded to an indie-folk band, The Mulberry Collective. Throughout her degree she played with the Australian Youth Orchestra and was awarded the Vada Jeffries Prize in 2015. In 2016 she was granted $15 000 to travel around the US for mentoring in folk and contemporary cello, by the Australia Council and Queensland Government.

2013 Winner golden fiddle2013 Finalist Golden Fiddle

Folk Alliance Youth Awards

Folk Alliance Youth Folk Award 2012

Monique Bartkowiak – Brisbane cellist & teacher – Official page

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